We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell.

It's not just a brand film.

It's the blood, sweat and tears that got you here.

The long days and late nights.

The 'this is never going to happen' until it does.

It's the passion that started it all.

And the resilience that meant it didn't stop.

Or maybe it was just stubbornness.

It's not just the what,

But the why.

It's the story.

Your story.

One that deserves to be TOLD.

Video production weymouth.

Our Story

Experience. It's not just the knowledge and skill of a particular job or activity. It's the foundations that build character.

That’s why our unique experiences shape the philosophy of TOLD and influence our approach to storytelling. Combining action with strategic thinking, we look for the unique story in each of the brands we work with. Taking these insights we create engaging content that captures a brand authentically. Having worked in a diverse range of environments, we can seamlessly adapt to meet the ever changing needs of any scenario or sector.

Your Story

Stories told bold can provoke, inspire and engage people. 

By telling your story you have the opportunity to show not only who you are and what you do but also why you do it. This gives your audience an insight into what makes your brand tick.

When a story is told bold it allows your brand to connect with customers on a deeper and more meaningful level. It fosters a relationship between your brand and customers that goes way beyond the products and services you offer.


This connection can turn customers into friends and friends stick around!


It's our passion to bring brand stories to life through bold visuals and strong narratives. Your story won't go unnoticed and neither will your newfound friends.


Video production weymouth

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